Making the Sale – A Three Part Strategy to a Full Commitment in Your Discipleship Group

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In order for a discipleship group to be a discipleship group, it requires the commitment of a disciple. I think it’s crazy the commitments that things like sports, clubs, and music require of the youth [...]

Book Review: Becoming a Parish of Intentional Disciples

By | January 26th, 2015|, , |

Sherry Weddell is back with a follow-up book to Forming Intentional Disciples. I read it in the first couple of days after being published and thought I would share with you my thoughts.

The Difference Between Discipleship and Discipleship

By | January 21st, 2015|, |

Usually after we begin to dig in to what I mean when I say "discipleship," we find that what "Father is doing" is not exactly what I mean when I speak about discipleship. What's the difference?

Are Paul, Barnabas and Timothy ALL in Your Small Group?

By | December 11th, 2014|, |

Paul, Barnabas and Timothy all have a very unique role in Discipleship. What can we learn from them and how can we apply it to our discipleship groups?

Discipleship – Preparing for the “Game”

By | September 29th, 2014|, |

One of the biggest struggles I am finding in leading a discipleship group is that I have a group of young men that I know want to go deeper, but it seems like I never [...]

Who Is Supposed To Disciple Me?

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When I first started diving in to discipleship, I remember a conversation I had with a priest friend of mine. We were discussing how everyone should be "discipled" and what that looks like. The question [...]