Two Necessary Skills of a Strong Parish Leader in Discipleship

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Forming disciples versus simply telling people what to do requires a different skill set than we are used to drawing upon in youth ministry. I have spoken with hundreds of different youth leaders who have, [...]

How I Have Seen Discipleship Changing the Church

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I have been assisting parishes in moving towards a discipleship focused youth ministry approach for the last four years. It was really what I was seeing happen with FOCUS on our university campuses that first [...]

Youth Group Leader, Youth Minister, or Coordinator of Youth Ministry?

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This question - are you a Youth Group Leader, a Youth Minister, or a Coordinator of Youth Ministry? - has been one of the most important questions I have found myself asking parish staff and [...]

Your Pastor Should Be Worried About Numbers

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Just about anyone involved in youth ministry has had the discussion about the importance of numbers in evaluating our efforts. Like a teacher, we can claim that much of the fruit of our labors will [...]

The Five Levels of Delegation for a Discipleship Leader

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This tool helps to identify the type of tasks each person can handle and what are some concrete steps a leader can take to encourage them in each phase of their growth. Helping adults progress through each of these levels will also help them build their own confidence to lead those with whom they are working. These five levels of delegation are the way in which a parish will deepen their discipleship efforts.

How Youth Ministry May Not Be Much Different Than Prison

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Those who have not really thought too much about what it would be like outside of the box and have been living in it for so long struggle with the realities when change begins to hit. At the same time, we have people who have been engaging in discipleship for some time, and when they look at the walls of the common youth ministry structure in the Church (the jail), they are able to much more readily see the lack of freedom one has in them.