Stop Trying So Hard to Evangelize

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In my work of discipleship and evangelization, it seems that too often, I am focused on “doing” things that I believe will make in an impact on others as I attempt to “fix” or “help” them to know Christ better. Over the last two weeks, I have been struck by three different experiences that appear to be challenging me in this mindset.

My Desires (Goals) for 2016 in Discipleship

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For anyone who follows this blog regularly, you have probably picked up on the fact that I don’t usually choose the theme or content based on the fads or trends of the season. To be [...]

Your Pastor Should Be Worried About Numbers

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Just about anyone involved in youth ministry has had the discussion about the importance of numbers in evaluating our efforts. Like a teacher, we can claim that much of the fruit of our labors will [...]

The Cure for the Retreat High

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The cure for the retreat high is NOT more retreats, but it is the process of discipleship which helps a youth give up their life and take up a new.

Ten Common Mistakes Discipleship Leaders Make

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Over the past few years, I have seen several common mistakes, and I thought it would be helpful to share my observations in the hope that others can learn from them as well. Here are the top ten mistakes I am seeing discipleship leaders make as they strive to foster an atmosphere of discipleship in their ministry to others:

My Recent Experience and Invitation to Go Deeper With Christ

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A disciple is driven by a love for Jesus Christ that initiates a “dropping of the nets” in order to follow him. The reality behind my recent experience is that deep down inside, I knew for many years that what I was doing was going to have to change, but the Lord waited to give me that invitation until the time was right

10 Youth You May Not Be Reaching and How You Can

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One of the things that I find myself doing frequently is looking at the youth in our parish and around our community and wondering what I can do- or really, what the Church might be [...]

Relying on the Resource or Free to be Flexible?

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It will take real oversight and ongoing training to help small group leaders overcome the very “programmatic” mindset that has dominated parish catechesis, sacramental preparation, and youth ministry for decades. Parish coordinators and pastors will need to individually disciple leaders beyond dependence on a “program” until they have the personal freedom, experiences, skills, and knowledge to disciple teens in a way that is truly effective- with or without a “program.”

A Unique Method of Engaging Parents in Youth Ministry – Part 2

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As we begin to move towards a more discipleship focused youth ministry, I am observing several developments in regard to parents and how they are being engaged. Here are seven of them

A Unique Method of Engaging Parents in Youth Ministry

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When parents have to pick and choose the things to which they will give their time and we give them the option to not be involved, why would they be? By not requiring them to be involved, we essentially tell them that we’ve got it covered or we don’t necessarily “need” their help.