Set Up a Snack Schedule For the Group

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Set up a rotating schedule for your group where each person is asked to bring snacks on a different week.  This helps with accountability in the group and also is a great way to invite [...]

Have a New Year’s Eve Party

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Have a New Year’s Eve party with your group or do a parish event inviting others as well.  It is a great opportunity to include teachings and prayer with Mary on the Solemnity of Mary, [...]

Have a Lemonade Stand

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Be a group that has the best lemonade stand in town and don’t charge anything for the lemonade.  Instead, hand out cards that give information about the parish Mass & Confession times.

Host a Day/Night of Day Care

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This works great for families who need time to go Christmas shopping.  Host a day where families are free to drop off their kids for as long as they need so that they can go [...]

Have a Bonfire

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Have a bonfire with your group and simply enjoy fellowship together.  Invite families as a way to get to know the parents even more.

Host a Talent Show

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Host a parish talent show inviting anyone in the parish to showcase their talents. Either make it a free event and just for fun or charge admission and use the funds to support a good [...]

Host a Fashion Show

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Host a fashion show for the female groups by inviting a fashion expert in to show examples of modest and simple fashion.  Spend time teaching on beauty and fashion as well.

Go to a Movie

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Go to a movie theater and see a movie together.

Draw a Family Tree From Memory

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This can be a great exercise and opportunity to to learn what your group knows about their family.  Be sure to spend time having everyone share their thoughts and memories as they go through the [...]

Host a Monthly Open Gym

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Have your group host an open gym once a month where you invite other groups or anyone to come and join your group in games.  This could be the same activity each time (dodge ball, [...]