Wheel of Life

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The Wheel of Life comes from a man by the name of Zig Ziglar.  It represents seven areas of our life that all need to be maintained.  When one of the areas is not maintained, [...]

Study the Temperaments

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Knowing temperaments helps understand ourselves and others a little more.  When you learn about the temperaments, you are able to discover some of the tendencies that you have, but also you can learn how to [...]

Cook Parents a Meal at the Church

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This is a great way to engage parents and help build community among them.  Let the youth decide on and cook a meal while all of the parents hang out for a change!

Discuss Finances

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Knowing how to give, save, and spend are very important Human qualities that many youth are not taught in the home.  Being good stewards of the money God gives us should be taught at a [...]

Date Night

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Have a night where a guy's group takes a girls group out on a date.  Teach the guys how to do things like tie a tie, opening the door for women, etc.  Teach the ladies [...]

Have a Progressive Dinner

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Plan a several course dinner where you travel from one home to another.  This is a great way to engage parents by having each of the families take one course.

Get a Brother/Sister Group

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Have your group find another group in the parish that they can do things together with on a regular basis.  This way, when you want to do some things in the parish that require more [...]

Have a Potluck with all the Families

By | August 30th, 2014|, , |

Have a small potluck with all of the families of the members of your group.  Have each family bring something and share a supper together.  Be sure to make it light and fun.  Get to [...]

Go Modest Clothes Shopping

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This is obviously more of a girls idea than a boys.  Take a trip to the mall or a clothing store and try on clothes.  You don't have to buy anything, but the entire goal [...]

Learn How to Change the Oil in a Car

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This is a great Human Formation opportunity. Knowing how to change the oil in your own car can save you a lot of money over a lifetime. Also, you never know, one of your youth [...]