Lead a Study on the Saints

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Have your group commit to leading others in the parish on a study of the Saints.  This could be done monthly in addition to the group commitment and could use a program like Dead Theologians [...]

Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy

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Teach about and pray together the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Study the Assumption

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Spend time learning and discussing the Church teaching on the Assumption of Mary. Resources VIDEO: Video on Assumption by Busted Halo EWTN Article by Fr. Clifford Stevens Apostolic Constitution - Declaration from Vatican!

Talk About Forgiveness

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Forgiveness and mercy are at the heart of the Christian faith.  Spend time discussing forgiveness, how to forgive, and possibly even get into the relationships and areas of life that each person could grow in [...]

Learn About the Importance of Mass

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Take time to learn why we go to Mass? Why the Church requires that Catholic go to Mass? Resources VIDEO: The Mass - Chris Stefanick


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Answer questions like, is drinking ok? When is drinking NOT ok?  Is it ok to drink when you are under age if your parents say it's ok? Resources VIDEO: Is it wrong to drink alcohol? [...]


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Spend some time talking about suffering, answering questions about why God allows suffering? What do you do with suffering?  

Talk about Confirmation

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Take time to learn about the Sacrament of Confirmation, the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and how the Sacrament of Confirmation is important in helping us live out our faith. Resources  

Study the Theology of the Body

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There are some great resources for junior high and High School youth to learn about the Theology of the Body.  Spend time diving in to a study on the Theology of the Body.  You could [...]

Get a Private Tour of the Church

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Have your priest or someone who knows a lot about your Church take the group on a private tour all around the Church, teaching them about the details of the Church.