Spiritually Adopt a Baby

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This is a great event to do during advent or even the nine months prior to Christmas. Spiritually adopt a baby in that each time you meet you discuss how far along this "pretend" baby [...]

Study the Different Components of the Mass

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Have your priest come and take time to teach how we got the Mass, the different parts of Mass, the objects used during Mass, and the different responses we do during the Mass.

Learn About Any Upcoming Feast Days or Solemnities for the Week

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The Church calendar is always very rich in offerings for the week.  Take time to go through and learn about the different feast days that are coming up.  Learn about each Saint and pray through [...]

Talk About Pornography

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Spend some time talking about Pornography, why it's wrong, the damage it does, etc.  You can check the resources we have available on our site for this.  Here are some other helpful links: Matt Fradd [...]

Learn How a Pope is Elected

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Take time to learn and study the process of electing a pope. There is a great video on this process here

Study the Mysteries of the Rosary

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Take time to go through and study each of the different mysteries of the rosary.  One way you could do this is through a book study using Ted Sri's book The New Rosary in Scripture.  

Teach on How to Help Friends Dealing With Suicidal Thoughts

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Suicide is one thing that is very good to talk about and prepare your group for before a situation arises.  Bring someone in to your group to talk about suicide and how to help someone [...]

Learn the ARRR Prayer Method

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Teach your group to pray using the Acronym ARRR.  It is a very popular method of prayer that stands for Acknowledge, Relate, Receive, Respond.  You can learn more about this online.  There is also a [...]

Talk About the Sacrament of Confession

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Spend some time learning about Confession.  What is it? How often should we go? How do you go to Confession? You can read up on confession in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (paragraphs 1422-1498) [...]

Talk about Homosexuality

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Spend a meeting or do a group of studies on Homosexuality.  Although it is common for an adult leader to feel like homosexuality is not a topic that much of their group is interested in or [...]