Clean Up Litter in the Community

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Go for a walk and clean up parts of the community as you do so.

Have a Lemonade Stand

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Be a group that has the best lemonade stand in town and don’t charge anything for the lemonade.  Instead, hand out cards that give information about the parish Mass & Confession times.

Host a Day/Night of Day Care

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This works great for families who need time to go Christmas shopping.  Host a day where families are free to drop off their kids for as long as they need so that they can go [...]

Lead a Study on the Saints

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Have your group commit to leading others in the parish on a study of the Saints.  This could be done monthly in addition to the group commitment and could use a program like Dead Theologians [...]

Learn How to Share Your Testimony

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Spend time sharing testimonies of faith and learning how to present your testimony in different scenarios.

Host a Talent Show

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Host a parish talent show inviting anyone in the parish to showcase their talents. Either make it a free event and just for fun or charge admission and use the funds to support a good [...]

Do a Mission Trip

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Take your group on a mission trip together.  These can often be done through an organization and require very little preparation, but may need some funding to get your group there.

Host a Garage Sale

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Have your group host a garage sale either at the parish or at one of the members homes and donate the money to a charitable organization.

Have a Counselor Speak on Addictions

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Bring in a licensed counselor who is able to speak on addictions in light of our faith and the Church.

Raise Money For The Rice Bowl

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Have your group commit to saving their extra change throughout the season of Lent and donating it through the Rice Bowl.  They could commit to doing it personally or you have a Rice Bowl at [...]