Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy

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Teach about and pray together the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Serve a Meatless Meal on a Friday

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During Lent have your group serve a simple meatless meal prior to the parish Living Stations of the Cross.  This could be as simple as a PB&J bar.

Host a Monthly Open Gym

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Have your group host an open gym once a month where you invite other groups or anyone to come and join your group in games.  This could be the same activity each time (dodge ball, [...]

Go on a Seminary Visit

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One of the greatest fears young men have in joining the seminary is the unfamiliarity with them.  Find out which seminaries your Diocese sends young men to or ones that your Vocation's Office would recommend [...]

Make or Get Prayer Cards to Give Out at Masses

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This could be done on just about any Holiday or Feast Day.  Perhaps give away St. Joseph prayer cards on Father's Day, and Marian prayer cards on Mother's Day.  Just make them free and available!

Sell Carnations & Donate the Money

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Oftentimes you can find a flower shop that will support your by giving you Carnations as a cheap price (we have gotten them for 20 cents each).  Sell them after the Masses on Mother's Day [...]

Support Seminarians

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Contact the Vocations Office at the Diocese and ask about ways that you can support the seminarians of your Diocese.  You could send them mail, pray for them regularly, send them giftcards, etc.

Learn About Prison Ministry

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Many towns that have a prison in them, have some sort of outreach or ministry from the Catholic Church.  Ask your pastor who does prison ministry and invite them to come speak to your group. [...]

Study the Temperaments

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Knowing temperaments helps understand ourselves and others a little more.  When you learn about the temperaments, you are able to discover some of the tendencies that you have, but also you can learn how to [...]

Answering Atheists

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Spend some time talking about helping those who do not believe in God.  What are some of the reasons people do not believe in God? Resources VIDEO: Answering Atheists - Chris Stefanick The Five Proofs [...]