Fast for 24 Hours

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Have your group to commit to fasting for 24 hours and offer it up for a specific intention.  By fasting you can drink only water and eat only bread.  You could also include times of [...]

Commit to Work on Patience

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Spend some time sharing about the people (family, friends, teachers, etc.) or things that make the each of you impatient.  Set a realistic goal for the next week or two that all of you can do individually. [...]

Do a Marketing Campaign on Confession in the Parish

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Have your group promote and encourage parishioners to visit the confessional more frequently.  This could be as simple as creating flyers or a more visible bulletin announcement on Confession.  It could also be creating or [...]

Study the Theology of the Body

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There are some great resources for junior high and High School youth to learn about the Theology of the Body.  Spend time diving in to a study on the Theology of the Body.  You could [...]

Write Letters of Hope to Cancer Patients

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Take time to learn about Cancer, share stories of family members who have cancer or have died from cancer, and write letters that you can send to people who are currently fighting cancer.

Visit and Pray at a Cemetery

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Take time to go and visit a cemetery in town.  While you are there pray a rosary for those buried there.   Spend time talking about death, sharing stories of loved ones who have passed, [...]

Coordinate a Teaching Space in the Bulletin

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Have your group be responsible putting together a section in the bulletin that would teach about the faith.  This could be as simple as getting a list of 52 ideas to the secretary and having [...]

Record a “Viral” Evangelization Video for YouTube

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This could be a really fun project.  Have your Discipleship group create a video that's goal is to Evangelize to others.  It could be a really funny video that simply teaches or it could be a [...]

Write Valentines for Those in Nursing Homes and Deliver Them

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This is a great way to get into the Nursing Home and be a light to those there.  For Valentines Day you could buy some Valentines or make your own, but make lots of Valentines [...]

Teach on How to Deal with Divorce

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Bring someone in to equip the youth to help a friend who is experiencing divorce.