Teach Group on Helping Others Dealing with Break-Ups

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One thing that many of your group members will either go through or will have friends go through is a breakup of a relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Teach on How to Help Friends Dealing With Suicidal Thoughts

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Suicide is one thing that is very good to talk about and prepare your group for before a situation arises.  Bring someone in to your group to talk about suicide and how to help someone [...]

Pray and Talk With People in Front of an Abortion Clinic

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To do this, it is probably good to have some serious preparation for the youth in your group.

Lead a Retreat for Younger People

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Have your group members help organize and/or lead a retreat for age groups younger than them in the parish.

Teach a Religious Education Class With Your Group

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Commit to teaching a class on younger kids and have a couple of group members help you each week.

Lead the Charge in Setting up a Pamphlet Booth at Church

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Have your group set up a pamphlet table or booth at the parish full of apologetics information and resources for those who want to know more about the Catholic faith.

Give Bottled Water Away

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Gather up as many bottled waters as you can (the more the better) and go somewhere in town and give them away randomly to people.

Collect Bottled Water Donations for Those in Need

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You could either go to each grocery store and ask for donations of bottled water or you could do a fundraiser and buy bottled water.

Raise Money to Build Water Wells

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Do a fundraiser with the goal to donate the money to build water wells for those who do not have clean water.

Volunteer at a Parish Event

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Take a look at your parish calendar and find an upcoming event that your group can help out at just"because."