Do a Free Car Wash

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Get together with a couple other groups and do a free car wash in the Church parking lot.  That's right, don't charge a dime.  Instead make flyers or cards that thank them for stopping by [...]

Make Group Commitment of Quietly Loving Family Members

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Pick one thing that everyone in the group must commit to doing for the next week that is quietly loving their family members

Make Rosaries for Those Who Need Them

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Teach the youth how to make rosaries and then send them to places where they are most needed.

Volunteer at the Diocese

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Take your group to volunteer to do outside work or office work for a day at the Diocese.

Pray At An Abortion Clinic

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Plan to pray for a half hour or an hour and prepare a short plan for what you are going to pray.

Nun Run

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I often feel that one of the best ways to help females discern their vocation is to expose them to the different orders out there.

Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter

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If you have a homeless shelter near you, ask if there are ways to volunteer.

Attend a Funeral

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This one may seem weird at first, but some youth may have never attended a funeral.

Do a Clothes Drive

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Have your group put together a clothe's drive, inviting people from the parish and community to donate clothes

Visit a Nursing Home

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Take time to visit the elderly in a nursing home and simply talk with them.