Lead a Study on the Saints

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Have your group commit to leading others in the parish on a study of the Saints.  This could be done monthly in addition to the group commitment and could use a program like Dead Theologians [...]

Plan a Self-Hosted Day Retreat at the Parish

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Have your group or a couple of groups plan a full day retreat at your parish.  Invite an outsider (possibly even your priest) to lead the retreat.  Spend time in silence, prayer, fellowship and study.

Read the Sunday Readings

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Reading and discussing the reading for Sunday Mass before Sunday is a great way to prepare for Mass. Resources Scott Hahn Sunday Bible Reflections USCCB Daily Video Bible Reflections

Have a Mortification Jar

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This could be something you do during Lent or that you do each week.  Have a jar with a bunch of different mortifications in it.  Each time you meet draw one out that your group [...]

Fast for 24 Hours

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Have your group to commit to fasting for 24 hours and offer it up for a specific intention.  By fasting you can drink only water and eat only bread.  You could also include times of [...]

Do 33 Days to Morning Glory

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If your group is serious about having a stronger devotion to Mary, I would strongly recommend that you do the 33 Days to Morning Glory.  It's 33 days of reading and prayer that is simple [...]

Spiritually Adopt a Baby

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This is a great event to do during advent or even the nine months prior to Christmas. Spiritually adopt a baby in that each time you meet you discuss how far along this "pretend" baby [...]

Visit and Pray at a Cemetery

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Take time to go and visit a cemetery in town.  While you are there pray a rosary for those buried there.   Spend time talking about death, sharing stories of loved ones who have passed, [...]

Give Up Things For Lent as a Group

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During Lent come up with things as a group that you can give up together.  It could be things actually during your meetings (like furniture or snacks) or it could be a commitment to do [...]

Set Up Sacred Spaces

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Talk about the importance of Sacred Spaces and how they can help accommodate a practice and discipline of prayer.  Challenge each group member to go home and create a Sacred Space in their rooms, take [...]