Learn About Any Upcoming Feast Days or Solemnities for the Week

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The Church calendar is always very rich in offerings for the week.  Take time to go through and learn about the different feast days that are coming up.  Learn about each Saint and pray through [...]

Learn the ARRR Prayer Method

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Teach your group to pray using the Acronym ARRR.  It is a very popular method of prayer that stands for Acknowledge, Relate, Receive, Respond.  You can learn more about this online.  There is also a [...]

Pray in Front of Immoral Stores

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Make it a mission of your group to pray for and convert all those who run the store, work for the store, and who go into the store.

Commit to a Weekly Hour of Adoration

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Consider having your group commit to one of the hours needed in your parish.

Do the Stations of the Cross

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Take your group into the Church and do the Stations of the Cross together.

Pray a Novena to the Holy Spirit

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Pray it as a group or do it as an individual challenge.

Go to Daily Mass Together

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Many youth do not get to experience daily Mass.  Oftentimes they are surprised by how short and "easy" it is to go to daily Mass.  Go together as a group and grab a snack together [...]

Do the Divine Mercy Novena

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Typically this novena will being on Good Friday and go through Divine Mercy Sunday (Sunday after Easter).  It doesn't have to start and end on those times though.  Either set a commitment to pray the [...]

Have Your Group Take on the Cleaning or Care of Part of the Church.

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Talk to your priest about being "the" group that takes care of cleaning or upkeep of certain parts of the Church, Rectory, or Offices

Have Your Group Commit to Daily Prayer

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Commit to daily prayer of anything from 10-30 minutes a day.