Have a New Year’s Eve Party

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Have a New Year’s Eve party with your group or do a parish event inviting others as well.  It is a great opportunity to include teachings and prayer with Mary on the Solemnity of Mary, [...]

Have a Bonfire

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Have a bonfire with your group and simply enjoy fellowship together.  Invite families as a way to get to know the parents even more.

Host a Talent Show

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Host a parish talent show inviting anyone in the parish to showcase their talents. Either make it a free event and just for fun or charge admission and use the funds to support a good [...]

Cook Parents a Meal at the Church

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This is a great way to engage parents and help build community among them.  Let the youth decide on and cook a meal while all of the parents hang out for a change!

Have a Progressive Dinner

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Plan a several course dinner where you travel from one home to another.  This is a great way to engage parents by having each of the families take one course.

Have a Potluck with all the Families

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Have a small potluck with all of the families of the members of your group.  Have each family bring something and share a supper together.  Be sure to make it light and fun.  Get to [...]

Do a Free Car Wash

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Get together with a couple other groups and do a free car wash in the Church parking lot.  That's right, don't charge a dime.  Instead make flyers or cards that thank them for stopping by [...]

Living Stations of the Cross

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Have your group put on a Living Stations of the Cross drama during Lent.

Rake and Invite

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Host an evening or day of raking for the parish. Invite the entire parish. Hand out invitation cards to Mass or another parish event.

Laser Tag

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Reserve a private party hour of laser at your local laser tag facility. Invite parents or family to come along. Grab ice cream or a meal afterwards together.