Clean Up Litter in the Community

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Go for a walk and clean up parts of the community as you do so.

Host a Day/Night of Day Care

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This works great for families who need time to go Christmas shopping.  Host a day where families are free to drop off their kids for as long as they need so that they can go [...]

Do a Mission Trip

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Take your group on a mission trip together.  These can often be done through an organization and require very little preparation, but may need some funding to get your group there.

Serve a Meatless Meal on a Friday

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During Lent have your group serve a simple meatless meal prior to the parish Living Stations of the Cross.  This could be as simple as a PB&J bar.

Do a Marketing Campaign on Confession in the Parish

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Have your group promote and encourage parishioners to visit the confessional more frequently.  This could be as simple as creating flyers or a more visible bulletin announcement on Confession.  It could also be creating or [...]

Coordinate a Teaching Space in the Bulletin

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Have your group be responsible putting together a section in the bulletin that would teach about the faith.  This could be as simple as getting a list of 52 ideas to the secretary and having [...]

Lead a Retreat for Younger People

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Have your group members help organize and/or lead a retreat for age groups younger than them in the parish.

Teach a Religious Education Class With Your Group

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Commit to teaching a class on younger kids and have a couple of group members help you each week.

Lead the Charge in Setting up a Pamphlet Booth at Church

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Have your group set up a pamphlet table or booth at the parish full of apologetics information and resources for those who want to know more about the Catholic faith.

Give Bottled Water Away

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Gather up as many bottled waters as you can (the more the better) and go somewhere in town and give them away randomly to people.