Collect Bottled Water Donations for Those in Need

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You could either go to each grocery store and ask for donations of bottled water or you could do a fundraiser and buy bottled water.

Raise Money to Build Water Wells

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Do a fundraiser with the goal to donate the money to build water wells for those who do not have clean water.

Do a Free Car Wash

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Get together with a couple other groups and do a free car wash in the Church parking lot.  That's right, don't charge a dime.  Instead make flyers or cards that thank them for stopping by [...]

Have Your Group Take on the Cleaning or Care of Part of the Church.

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Talk to your priest about being "the" group that takes care of cleaning or upkeep of certain parts of the Church, Rectory, or Offices

Make Rosaries for Those Who Need Them

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Teach the youth how to make rosaries and then send them to places where they are most needed.

Volunteer at the Diocese

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Take your group to volunteer to do outside work or office work for a day at the Diocese.

Cook the Priest(s) a Meal

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Ask the priests if they would like a meal brought to them one evening and have your group cook it for them and bring it over.

Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter

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If you have a homeless shelter near you, ask if there are ways to volunteer.

Do a Clothes Drive

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Have your group put together a clothe's drive, inviting people from the parish and community to donate clothes

Serve Meals at a Food Banquet or Shelter

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Take the youth to a local food banquet or shelter to volunteer to serve meals.