There are several ways to “practice” evangelization.  Below is one example, but the goal would be to keep it very simple and non-intrusive, but inviting to dialogue.


Have the youth go in pairs and take a “survey.”  They simply go up to people, introduce themselves, and tell them they are taking survey and would like to ask them two questions.  1) Do you believe that there is a God? and 2) If so, does your belief in God affect your attitudes and behaviors throughout the day?  If they say no to the first question, ask what is one thing that you would need in order for you to begin believing in God.

How To Prepare

You could make cards that invite the people you talk to, to Mass or an upcoming event in the parish.  You should also brainstorm things that may come up as you connect with people.  Most likely there will be some questions that the people they are asking will have.  For example, they may simply ask “who is doing this survey?”  The youth can simply respond, we are doing it as part of our discipleship group at our Church.