Raise Money For The Rice Bowl

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Have your group commit to saving their extra change throughout the season of Lent and donating it through the Rice Bowl.  They could commit to doing it personally or you have a Rice Bowl at [...]

Give Bottled Water Away

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Gather up as many bottled waters as you can (the more the better) and go somewhere in town and give them away randomly to people.

Collect Bottled Water Donations for Those in Need

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You could either go to each grocery store and ask for donations of bottled water or you could do a fundraiser and buy bottled water.

Raise Money to Build Water Wells

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Do a fundraiser with the goal to donate the money to build water wells for those who do not have clean water.

Serve Meals at a Food Banquet or Shelter

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Take the youth to a local food banquet or shelter to volunteer to serve meals.