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Spend some time talking about suffering, answering questions about why God allows suffering? What do you do with suffering?  

Visit and Pray at a Cemetery

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Take time to go and visit a cemetery in town.  While you are there pray a rosary for those buried there.   Spend time talking about death, sharing stories of loved ones who have passed, [...]

Visit a Catholic Funeral Home

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Have your group plan a visit to a funeral home (ideally Catholic) to learn about death and preparations after death.  This is a great way to get the group thinking about death and may even [...]

Create Bucket Lists

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This is can be a great activity to learn about what is most important to your group.  Create a bucket list that lists 10-12 things that want to do or accomplish in their life.  Once [...]

Attend a Funeral

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This one may seem weird at first, but some youth may have never attended a funeral.