Have a Lemonade Stand

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Be a group that has the best lemonade stand in town and don’t charge anything for the lemonade.  Instead, hand out cards that give information about the parish Mass & Confession times.

Learn How to Share Your Testimony

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Spend time sharing testimonies of faith and learning how to present your testimony in different scenarios.

Coordinate a Teaching Space in the Bulletin

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Have your group be responsible putting together a section in the bulletin that would teach about the faith.  This could be as simple as getting a list of 52 ideas to the secretary and having [...]

Record a “Viral” Evangelization Video for YouTube

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This could be a really fun project.  Have your Discipleship group create a video that's goal is to Evangelize to others.  It could be a really funny video that simply teaches or it could be a [...]

Pray At An Abortion Clinic

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Plan to pray for a half hour or an hour and prepare a short plan for what you are going to pray.

Padre Pio Night

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Spend time talking about Padre Pio, watch part or all of a Padre Pio Movie, and make stigmata gloves to wear for a full week.

Bare-Handed Evangelization

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Head to the mall and send the youth out is two's to take a survey asking strangers two simple and non-intrusive questions.