Raise Money For The Rice Bowl

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Have your group commit to saving their extra change throughout the season of Lent and donating it through the Rice Bowl.  They could commit to doing it personally or you have a Rice Bowl at [...]

Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy

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Teach about and pray together the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Serve a Meatless Meal on a Friday

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During Lent have your group serve a simple meatless meal prior to the parish Living Stations of the Cross.  This could be as simple as a PB&J bar.

Have a Mortification Jar

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This could be something you do during Lent or that you do each week.  Have a jar with a bunch of different mortifications in it.  Each time you meet draw one out that your group [...]


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Spend some time talking about suffering, answering questions about why God allows suffering? What do you do with suffering?  

Fast for 24 Hours

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Have your group to commit to fasting for 24 hours and offer it up for a specific intention.  By fasting you can drink only water and eat only bread.  You could also include times of [...]

Give Up Things For Lent as a Group

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During Lent come up with things as a group that you can give up together.  It could be things actually during your meetings (like furniture or snacks) or it could be a commitment to do [...]

Do the Stations of the Cross

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Take your group into the Church and do the Stations of the Cross together.

Living Stations of the Cross

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Have your group put on a Living Stations of the Cross drama during Lent.