Host a Day/Night of Day Care

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This works great for families who need time to go Christmas shopping.  Host a day where families are free to drop off their kids for as long as they need so that they can go [...]

Host a Talent Show

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Host a parish talent show inviting anyone in the parish to showcase their talents. Either make it a free event and just for fun or charge admission and use the funds to support a good [...]

Make or Get Prayer Cards to Give Out at Masses

By | September 17th, 2014|, |

This could be done on just about any Holiday or Feast Day.  Perhaps give away St. Joseph prayer cards on Father's Day, and Marian prayer cards on Mother's Day.  Just make them free and available!

Do a Marketing Campaign on Confession in the Parish

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Have your group promote and encourage parishioners to visit the confessional more frequently.  This could be as simple as creating flyers or a more visible bulletin announcement on Confession.  It could also be creating or [...]

Coordinate a Teaching Space in the Bulletin

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Have your group be responsible putting together a section in the bulletin that would teach about the faith.  This could be as simple as getting a list of 52 ideas to the secretary and having [...]

Volunteer at a Parish Event

By | July 28th, 2014|, |

Take a look at your parish calendar and find an upcoming event that your group can help out at just"because."

Do a Clothes Drive

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Have your group put together a clothe's drive, inviting people from the parish and community to donate clothes

Serve Meals at a Food Banquet or Shelter

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Take the youth to a local food banquet or shelter to volunteer to serve meals.

Living Stations of the Cross

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Have your group put on a Living Stations of the Cross drama during Lent.

Rake and Invite

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Host an evening or day of raking for the parish. Invite the entire parish. Hand out invitation cards to Mass or another parish event.