Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy

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Teach about and pray together the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Plan a Self-Hosted Day Retreat at the Parish

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Have your group or a couple of groups plan a full day retreat at your parish.  Invite an outsider (possibly even your priest) to lead the retreat.  Spend time in silence, prayer, fellowship and study.

Set Up Sacred Spaces

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Talk about the importance of Sacred Spaces and how they can help accommodate a practice and discipline of prayer.  Challenge each group member to go home and create a Sacred Space in their rooms, take [...]

Pray and Talk With People in Front of an Abortion Clinic

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To do this, it is probably good to have some serious preparation for the youth in your group.

Learn the ARRR Prayer Method

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Teach your group to pray using the Acronym ARRR.  It is a very popular method of prayer that stands for Acknowledge, Relate, Receive, Respond.  You can learn more about this online.  There is also a [...]

Pray in Front of Immoral Stores

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Make it a mission of your group to pray for and convert all those who run the store, work for the store, and who go into the store.

Commit to a Weekly Hour of Adoration

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Consider having your group commit to one of the hours needed in your parish.

Do the Stations of the Cross

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Take your group into the Church and do the Stations of the Cross together.

Do the Divine Mercy Novena

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Typically this novena will being on Good Friday and go through Divine Mercy Sunday (Sunday after Easter).  It doesn't have to start and end on those times though.  Either set a commitment to pray the [...]

Have Your Group Commit to Daily Prayer

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Commit to daily prayer of anything from 10-30 minutes a day.