Talk About Forgiveness

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Forgiveness and mercy are at the heart of the Christian faith.  Spend time discussing forgiveness, how to forgive, and possibly even get into the relationships and areas of life that each person could grow in [...]

Study the Temperaments

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Knowing temperaments helps understand ourselves and others a little more.  When you learn about the temperaments, you are able to discover some of the tendencies that you have, but also you can learn how to [...]

Date Night

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Have a night where a guy's group takes a girls group out on a date.  Teach the guys how to do things like tie a tie, opening the door for women, etc.  Teach the ladies [...]

Study the Theology of the Body

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There are some great resources for junior high and High School youth to learn about the Theology of the Body.  Spend time diving in to a study on the Theology of the Body.  You could [...]

Teach Group on Helping Others Dealing with Break-Ups

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One thing that many of your group members will either go through or will have friends go through is a breakup of a relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend.