Do the Stations of the Cross

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Take your group into the Church and do the Stations of the Cross together.

Make a Group Commitment to go to Confession Monthly

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Make a commitment as a group to go to confession monthly together or on your own.

Talk About the Sacrament of Confession

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Spend some time learning about Confession.  What is it? How often should we go? How do you go to Confession? You can read up on confession in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (paragraphs 1422-1498) [...]

Do a Study on Sin

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Take a meeting to discuss sin, what the Church teaches, about sin, etc. There are some great resources you can use to discuss sin.  Here are few: Resources & Ideas CCC 1846-1876 Busted Halo Video [...]

Invite a Priest to Your Group to Hear Confessions

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Invite a priest to come to one of your meetings to talk about confession and then make themselves available for confession after.