Clean Up Litter in the Community

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Go for a walk and clean up parts of the community as you do so.

Have a Bonfire

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Have a bonfire with your group and simply enjoy fellowship together.  Invite families as a way to get to know the parents even more.

Do a Mission Trip

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Take your group on a mission trip together.  These can often be done through an organization and require very little preparation, but may need some funding to get your group there.

Host a Garage Sale

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Have your group host a garage sale either at the parish or at one of the members homes and donate the money to a charitable organization.

Go Modest Clothes Shopping

By | August 24th, 2014|, , , |

This is obviously more of a girls idea than a boys.  Take a trip to the mall or a clothing store and try on clothes.  You don't have to buy anything, but the entire goal [...]

Lead a Retreat for Younger People

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Have your group members help organize and/or lead a retreat for age groups younger than them in the parish.

Go to Daily Mass Together

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Many youth do not get to experience daily Mass.  Oftentimes they are surprised by how short and "easy" it is to go to daily Mass.  Go together as a group and grab a snack together [...]

Do a Free Car Wash

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Get together with a couple other groups and do a free car wash in the Church parking lot.  That's right, don't charge a dime.  Instead make flyers or cards that thank them for stopping by [...]