Knowing where to start is often the biggest hurdle for someone who serious about transforming their youth ministry.   Once you realize that there is a need for change, you have already taken the first step.  To get started with learning more about Discipleship Focused Youth Ministry, here is what I recommend:

First: Learn the Fundamentals

At the top of the site you will see the fundamentals of Discipleship Focused Youth Ministry.  Feel free to click around and learn a little bit at a time.

  1. The Process of Evangelization
  2. The Four Areas of Formation
  3. The Four Earmarks of Discipleship

Second: Subscribe and Engage Us on Social Media

I give away a ton of content and resources on the site.  Help yourself to anything you can find.

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Third: Get Serious

We have several products in the works.  Right now, the best place to get started is by going through the Small Group Discipleship Leader Training or the Parish Coordinator Initial Training at  Both of these are comprehensive training courses for any interested in Discipleship Focused Youth Ministry.