What is Discipleship Focused Youth Ministry?By far the most common question I get these days is “What is Discipleship Focused Youth Ministry?”  Discipleship Focused Youth Ministry (DFYM) is the quickest way to explain how I do youth ministry and how I teach others to do youth ministry.

DFYM is an Approach

DFYM is an approach that focuses in on Discipleship and uses the fruits of Discipleship to make more disciples.  This is the approach that Christ taught us.  While having the vision to reach the entire world, He did so by investing in a few (His Disciples).  Those Disciples then invested in others (Discipleship) in order to make more Disciples.

Now as I mentioned, this is the quickest way to explain what DFYM is.  Throughout this site, I will strive to lay out more about what DFYM is, why I believe the Church should begin shifting towards this mindset, and how you do it.  I have seen it bear great fruit in the ministry I am involved in now and simply want others to know about it in order for Discipleship to grow in the Church.

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About Me

Eric GallagherMy name is Eric Gallagher.  I have been involved in youth ministry now for twelve years.  My love for discipleship has come through impact discipleship has made on my life.  Many people have invested in me over the years in a profound way.  My greatest successes in youth ministry have come through my discipleship efforts with teens and the adults who are invested in them.  I work right now assisting parishes to do exactly what I teach through this site.  Through DFYM, I am seeing parishes change, priests find new life, adult leaders desiring to give more and more to the Church, and parish youth leaders who finally have balance and proper order in the work they do for the Church.

This stuff is real and I extremely excited to watch is grow.

If you would like to discuss DFYM at all, please do not hesitate to contact me through social media.